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Bank Supports St. Clare Foundation's Initiative

Pictured from left: Jon Bernander, Scott Rockwell, and Julia Randles

Bank of Wisconsin Dells recently contributed $10,000 to SSM Health St. Clare Foundation to purchase a Vest Airway Clearance System for respiratory therapy. This equipment assists patients who have secretion clearance issues and may be ventilated, have pneumonia, have chronic respiratory conditions, or an individual suffering from COVID-19.

Jessica Herold, SSM Health St. Clare Hospital Respiratory Therapy Supervisor was so pleased to hear the news of the new equipment, sharing "We are grateful to Bank of Wisconsin Dells for supporting the purchase of this equipment which will help clear our patient’s lungs and improve their respiratory status sooner. This is very timely as we move into the fall and winter and we see an increase in respiratory patients."

Bank of Wisconsin Dells is a strong supporter of local health care and has participated in many of the St. Clare Foundation initiatives throughout the years.

Transition to .bank

We’re excited for the upcoming launch of our new website, dellsbank.bank. Effective November 16, 2020 our website and email addresses will end in .bank, and all website visits and emails to our .com address will automatically be redirected. Timeline on how long we’ll redirect is TBD. Post-launch, we’ll encourage customers to update their bookmark(s) to our site and any email addresses in their address book.

Why .bank? The .bank domain provides an additional layer of security that .com does not. .bank is a gated domain (like .gov or .edu) that enhances the legitimacy of our website. Hackers can’t get a .bank domain to create lookalike domains for phishing and spoofing, as they can in .com.

Bank Awards Grant to Central Wis. Community Action Council

Pictured from left: Fred Hebert and Scott Rockwell

Bank of Wisconsin Dells awarded Central Wisconsin Community Action Council, Inc. (CWCAC) with a $5,000 grant provided through a partnership with the Federal Home Loan Bank of Chicago. Funds will support CWCAC’s food assistance program, ensuring food security to those who were impacted the most by the pandemic.

2020 Holiday Currency Suspended

Giving a brand new, crisp bill as a gift during the holiday season is a popular tradition throughout the nation.  This year, due to COVID-19, the Federal Reserve Bank has suspended new currency ordering.  The suspension will allow the Reserve Banks to continue focusing on their core mission of meeting the daily demands for currency and coin.  BWD will not be able to order brand new paper currency for the holiday season.

We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause during your holiday season. Please know that we are closely monitoring this situation and hope to be able to provide this service to our customers in years to come.

Online Privacy for Families

Whether we like it or not, everyone who uses the Internet will constantly be exposed to online dangers. While staying safe online isn't a very difficult thing to do when you're aware of these threats, young kids, new users, and unaware adults need to be educated about them. Here's a short list:

Malicious and inappropriate content – while the Internet offers a world of fun and learning for kids, it’s also rife with sites with sexual, violent and inappropriate content. One accidental click could lead to thousands of similar sites.

The fix: To avoid accidentally being exposed to these sites, parents should establish rules regarding computer and Internet use. Parents can also block access to mature and inappropriate sites by using a browser's built-in content filters, as well as installing security software that offers parental controls and monitoring features.

Exploitative and abusive people – the Internet could be the perfect place to meet new people and foster new friendships. However, some kids don’t scrutinize new connections and end up being victims of cyberbullying or exploitation. As seen in the news, many kids resort to self-harm when the online abuse gets out of hand. Additionally, online predators are also out to exploit minors who are just too young to know any better.

The fix: Privacy and Internet safety is not just about what you share, but more importantly, who your audience is as well. Parents are advised to monitor who their kids add to their social networks, and confirming that they personally know everyone in contact with their children to minimize the risk of exploitation and cyberbullying.

Parents and guardians should take the initiative to educate and train their kids about the many risks they may face online. Awareness and education is a good first step. When applied with proper safety guidelines, it can strengthen the security of a family’s online environment.

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