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Why Cybersecurity Awareness matters

October 2023 Email Contents

October is Cybersecurity Awareness Month
- How Prepared Are You?

Cybersecurity Awareness Month underscores the critical importance of being cyber-aware in today's digital landscape. This annual initiative serves as a reminder of the numerous benefits of maintaining a vigilant online presence. It is the perfect time to identify any new threats or weaknesses and prepare strategies to avoid them.

Take Action
Preparedness is a central component of cybersecurity awareness. It means proactively safeguarding our digital lives by regularly updating software, maintaining strong passwords with two-factor authentication, and creating backups of crucial data. These measures minimize the impact of cyber threats, such as ransomware attacks.

Make a Plan
In addition, being prepared involves developing an incident response plan for businesses, ensuring that employees know how to react effectively in the event of a breach. Staying one step ahead of cyber threats is key to reducing potential damage.

Stay Alert
Being cyber-aware empowers individuals and organizations to protect sensitive information from malicious actors. Knowledge of common threats, like phishing and malware, equips us to recognize and thwart potential attacks.

In the age of remote work and digital transactions, cybersecurity is not a luxury but a necessity. By promoting awareness, we collectively contribute to a safer digital world. So, whether it's safeguarding personal data or fortifying a business's defenses, staying cyber-aware year-round is a habit that pays dividends in our increasingly interconnected lives.

Explore cybersecurity resources at www.bankbac.com/cybersecurity.


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Reminder: Disclosure Updates Effective 11/1/23

Revisions have been made to our deposit disclosures and account fees. The changes to fees primarily include a few reductions, a few new services, and minor changes for some third-party supplies.

To see the full disclosures as well as summaries of these changes, please visit www.bankbac.com/disclosures.


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